Term 4 week 4 2018

We are now a few weeks into Term 4. This is an exciting term for everyone, especially our Year 6 students who are preparing for the next stage in their education and thinking about what life might be like beyond Baler Primary School. They have their high-school transition week this week where they get to under-take a full week of integration into the ‘life of a high-school student’. We wish them all the best and hope they enjoy every minute. 

As we have now entered cyclone season I would like to request that all families make sure the school office has your most up to date contact details. As a school we will use our tex-ting system as the first form of notification for families in regards to this so it is imperative that we have your correct details. Procedures in relation school closures in the event of a cyclone have been included in this letter and I encourage all families to keep this handy. 

This term is also our reporting term. All parents are encouraged to make regular contact with their child’s teacher, however if you have any concerns about your child’s progress then it is best to make an appointment to discuss this with the teacher. Appointments al-low the teacher to gather all of the relevant information to share with parents and take the time to discuss concerns without interruptions. Report results should not be a sur-prise to you as a parent. 

I would like to extend a huge thank you to all families who managed to attend our recent Open Night. It was fantastic to see the school ‘abuzz’ with families and students sharing their achievements. I thoroughly enjoyed walking around all the classrooms from the Vet-erinary Clinic in Sandpiper to receiving my own bag of popcorn for ‘popping in’ in Jabiru 6. The hard work of all students and the pride they had in that was clearly evident. AND ….. thank you to our amazing P&C for keeping us all fed and watered! 

Finally, I would also like to remind all families to make sure you keep a copy of the school’s term planner handy so that important events are not missed. We have many up-coming events and hopefully our term planner will help to remind families of what’s what – as always please contact the classroom teacher or the school office with any queries. 

Karen Burgess Principal