War On Waste

In 2022 Baler Primary School became accredited as a Waste Sorted School.

Accreditation Certificate

Our vison is to reduce the impact the Baler Primary School has on landfill through whole  school programs and initiatives.

BPS Mission Statement

In 2022 we introduced the WOW Waste Stations. The stations are set up around the school and encourage students to make responsible choices with their rubbish. Classes are rostered on and feedback is provided to the whole school by way of an update as to how each block went with making good choices.


Classes also nominate to become Litter Legends for the week, and are recognised at assemblies by way of a certificate presented by the Eco Warriors (Student Councillors).

They are sent out a kit which includes, Vests, buckets and tongs. Students take on the program with pride. ‘We are responsible’, We are respectful’

Litter Legends

War on Waste – Becoming a Waste Wise School

Containers for Change Program

Containers for change has been a program running at Baler for 3 years. Each class is supplied with a bag and encouraged to fill it for each ‘container count’ roster.

Classroom Schedule Roster.

Winning classes are awarded with class plants, the WOW Trophy and special certificates. Since beginning the program, Baler has collected.

Our program has funded the WOW Waste Stations and also funded the purchasing of school plants for winning classes.

For full information regarding this state-wide initiative, please see the attached document and the additional website:

Containers for Change

Allowable Items poster