Sport and Physical Education

Physical Education and sport are highly valued parts of the curriculum at Baler Primary School. The Phys Ed program teaches students how to be part of a healthy, active population and experience the personal and social benefits of living a healthy, active and fulfilling life. The program focuses on the explicit development of movement skills and concepts required for students to participate in a range of physical activities with competence and confidence. This supports ongoing participation across their lives and positive health outcomes. Students learn through movement in a range of settings. They experience Fundamental Movement Skills through structured movement activities and exploring their environment. This establishes an awareness of body movements and their movement abilities.

Integral to the upper primary Phys Ed program is the acquisition of movement skills, concepts and strategies to enable students to confidently, competently and creatively participate in a range of physical activities. Students learn about how the body moves; how to approach and resolve challenges; how to optimise movement performance; and the benefits of physical activity to themselves, others and communities. Through movement in a variety of contexts and settings, students acquire, practise, manage and refine personal, interpersonal, social and cognitive skills.

Students are able to display these skills in a variety of Intra/Interschool events throughout the year including Phys Ed lessons, whole-school daily fitness and swimming, athletics, hockey and Lightning Carnivals. At Baler we pride ourselves on not only our physical aptitude but our sportsmanship and inclusion of all.

Term 1

Swimming Lessons Yrs 4 – 6

Faction Swimming Carnival – 19th March 2021

Interschool Swimming Carnival – 26th March 2021

Term 2

Faction Athletics Carnival – 18th June 2021

Interschool Throws – 22nd June 2021

Interschool Athletics Carnivals – 25th June 2021

Term 3

Interschool Hockey Carnival – TBA

Interschool Lightning Carnival – TBA

Colour Fun Run (P&C Event) – TBA

Term 4

Swimming Lessons Yrs 1 – 3: 22nd November – 3rd  December 2021