Music Specialist: Miss Monique Lewit

Our Baler Primary Schools music education program caters for students from Years 1-6 . Our music program aspires to create an excitement for music in its many forms and encourages self-confidence, collaboration and creativity. Students develop skills in reading, writing, performing and responding to music as they learn a variety of instruments and musical styles.  Students focus on developing their pitch and rhythm skills for solo performances and small ensembles. Throughout the year, students have used a variety of resources to explore music. Digital and ICT resources are used often when students are creating works, exploring musical concepts or for research tasks. Instrumental skills such as; recorder, drumming, xylophone, ukulele, keyboard, classroom percussion and boom whackers have all been taught in combination with the musical elements.

The Baler School Choir prides itself on their vocal quality and professionalism as a senior choir ensemble. Students in Years 4-6 are offered the opportunity to participate in the Baler School Choir. The Choir meet every Tuesday morning from 7:30am to practise their repertoire of songs for their upcoming performances. The choir have many performance opportunities throughout the year, Including the Pilbara Music Festival, ANZAC Assembly, award ceremonies, graduation and Hedland Carols. Baler Primary School students are able to register for choir at the beginning of Term 1 and 2.