At Baler Primary School we have a WHOLE SCHOOL approach to all learning.

Our English programs foster the development of speaking and listening, reading and writing, spelling, grammar and handwriting and are evidence based programmes aligned with the Science of Reading and Writing. Link to PP

The whole school approaches to support literacy development include:

  • Heggerty – Phonemic Awareness //  K-1
  • ‘Letters and Sounds’ // K-3
  • Handwriting // PP – 4
  • Sound Waves // 4-6.
  • Talk for Writing // K-6
  • Daily 5 from // 1 – 6

Digital technologies are used to support the implementation of the English Curriculum: these  online programs that compliment the programs include

  • Teach your Monster to Read // K-Year 2
  • Phonics Hero – Individual Student Accounts // Year 1 & 2
  • Literacy Pro – Online reading assessment and monitoring program // Year 3 – 6

Additional support is provided to Students at Educational Risk SAER through specialised programs structured based on whole school assessments results as well as advice from agencies in line with specific diagnosis as required.

SAER (Students at Educational Risk) Intervention:

  • Heggerty – Phonemic Awareness PP – Year 2
  • Letters and Sounds – Phonics Year 1 – 4
  • Phonic Book Program – Reading, comprehension, spelling and writing Year 3 – 6

We encourage our parents to support our school literacy programs at home. Home reading is highly valued and appreciated. This includes regular home reading as part of our Baler Book Worm home reading program.

PPP Literacy