P & C Association

The Parents and Citizens Association (P & C) is a group of people committed to involving the whole school community in the continual advancement in the quality of the children’s education.

The Parents and Citizens Association is open to all parents of children at school, to teachers and to any interested citizens.

They aim to support staff in the day-to-day activities of the school as well as being heavily involved in fundraising for major school requirements. The P&C Association are responsible for:

  • LunchLab/Canteen
  • School Banking
  • Uniform Shop
  • Fundraising events 

The major aims of the P & C are to;

  • Help bring about communication and co-operation between students, teachers and parents.
  • Foster community interest in education.
  • Fund raise to provide extra facilities and amenities for the school.
  • Meetings are normally held twice a term and dates and times are notified through the school newsletter.  Meetings provide an opportunity to discuss matters pertaining to the school and welfare of students.

The AGM is usually held within the first month of the start of the school year.  Everyone is welcome.

The P&C meet regularly and would warmly welcome your patronage and input.

Complete the form here to join the P & C.

Feel free to contact them: balerpandc@gmail.com


President          – Tracey Lambeth

Vice President  – Yani Lynch

Secretary         –  Vacant

Treasurer         –  Leisha Bishop

Canteen Manager/Uniform Shop – Suri Badron

Executives with voting rights – Ruth Lasmin, Teghan Greenhalgh, Courtney Walker