‘After Ever After’ Play

It’s after ‘Ever After’, where all the fairytale goodies are safe in Camelot, eating Chicken Treat and led by the wise and heavily hand-sanitised Merlin. Meanwhile, down the road at the rehab centre for baddies, ‘Dungeon’, the once evil Claude Frollo has mended his ways and is bossing around the bickering inmates, making sure they toe the line. But wait…all is not as it seems. (Ah, duh!) For Frollo is deceiving everyone, ready to escape with all the baddies and his Tik Tok account and take over Camelot for ever after. 

HATCH is proud as (a slapstick) punch to bring you its first ever musical comedy. After Ever After has laughs for the kids and cheeky chuckles for the grown ups. Starring a cast of 60 local Hedlanders aged 8 to (feeling like) 88.

Current Students in the Play

April Rivers

Kiara O’Driscoll

Elizabeth Hatwell

Nyasha Sibiya


Staff in the Play

Rachael Theyer


Past Students in the Play

Felicity Stewart

Ashley O’Driscoll