Our Vision and Values

Our Values

Our Vision

At Baler Primary School we are a Sea of Cultures. Cultural knowledge and awareness are embedded in our learning programs. We value, celebrate and learn from our unique multicultural diversity by fostering positive relationships through engaging students, parents, staff and the wider community. We work effectively with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Officers to draw on their cultural expertise and demonstrate how we value Indigenous culture, languages and history.

We believe strongly in personal responsibility for learning through a positive behaviour policy promoting respect for self and others, resilience, well-being and self-regulation. This encourages strong morals, a sense of personal responsibility and success. We are conscious of the choices we make and the effect these have on ourselves and others.

Our consistent plan-teach-assess approach incorporates a balance between explicit instruction, inquiry and play-based learning. Students, parents and staff meet individual learning needs through differentiation, collaboration and open channels of communication.

We embrace and embed innovation with guidance, support and time to build confidence, competence and knowledge. We enhance student learning by seamlessly incorporating technology in the curriculum and in through communication.

Staff members work towards best practice in collaborative teams in a valued and positive environment aligning us to a shared sense of purpose. We ensure a strong mentoring and coaching culture enriches our professional practice. This inspires and supports us to seek and reflect upon the feedback we receive.

Baler Primary School promotes an inclusive friendly environment and a sense of belonging for all, no matter the length of an individual’s time within the school. We respect the transient nature of our community and strive to be well connected. Our strategies ensure those new to Baler are made to feel welcome.

Through our authentic, balanced and differentiated assessment schedule, data across all year levels is collected regularly, enabling us to track the progress of students. Data collected and analysed informs us of the efficacy of our teaching programs and what to teach next, ensuring that we are delivering high quality learning for our students. As a staff we moderate with our peers to make consistent student achievement judgements.

We are the Baler School Community and are driven by our passion for wellbeing and a successful education for all.