Our Staff


2021 Whole Staff Photo

2022 Whole staff Photo will be available in July 2022

Administration Staff


Jaqueline Barry – Principal
Sonya Orford – Deputy Principal
Kerry Orr – Deputy Principal
Sonny Konig – Deputy Principal

Office Staff

Manisah Dris – Manager of Corporate Services
Ingrid Herbert – School Officer
Siti Syed –  School Officer
Lisa Armstrong – Attendance Officer
Anna Dolin – School Psychologist
Rachael Theyer – Library Officer



Early Childhood Education (ECE)

SP1  Kindy Yellow – Sheydin Barnes
SP2 Kindy Green – Kimberley Porter
SP3 Kindy Red – Lara Lee
SP4 Kindy Blue – Shakira Dennis
SP5 Pre Primary – Jessica Turvey
SP6 Pre Primary – Crystal Chan
SP7 Pre Primary – Melissa Daley

Pre Primary Educational Assistants (EA)
Jennifer Lockyer, Kristy Morgan, Nafsiah Bilton, Marie Emery, Natalie Devenish, Farah Asyura and Sarah Bland.

Year 1 and 2

O1 Year One – Sophie Ullrich
O2 Year Pre Primary/One – Carla Cunningham
O3 Year One – Colleen Beilken
04 Year Two – Samantha Burke
05 Year Two – TBA

Year 2

E1 Year Two – Renata O’Brien and Natalie Posener
E2 Year Two – Julianna Bytol
E3 Music – Monique Lewit De Jong
E4 Art – Michelle Robb

Year 3 and 4

J1 Year Three – Sophia Crawford-Ferguson
J2 Year Three – Bradley Western 
J3 Year Three – Bethany Pinto
J4 Year Four – Liana Mewett
J5 Year Four – Alyson Tree
J6 Year Four/Five – Mitchell Williams

Year 5 and 6

K1 Indonesian – Sharman Gunendra
K2 Year Five – Karina L’Estrelle
K3 Year Five – Josefine Scott
K4 Year Six – Alexander Beament
K5 Year Six – Abbey Knox
K6 Year Six – Natalie Earl

Year 1- 6 Educational Assistants (EA)
Junaidah Davis, Raechel Morris, Rebecca Groom and Tara Noske

Aboriginal Islander Education Officers (AIEO)
Janeen Lockyer, Rubeena Councillor,

Specialist Teachers

E4 Art – Michelle Robb

PE Physical Education – Heidi Ward

K1 Indonesian – Sharman Gunendra

E3 Music – Monique Lewit De Jong

O6 Science – Robbie Buckley

O7 Enrichment – Maxine Williams

Support Teachers

Tracey Marlow

Sue Smith

Cleaning Staff

Prayong Srimanta – Head Cleaner

Zainab Rampton, Aree Boonchu,  Josetta Pugsley,

Canteen Staff

Suriyati Badron – P & C Canteen Manager