About Us

Baler Primary School is largest of four public primary schools in the Hedland area and was officially opened on 9th June 1975. Our school community is diverse, with representation from over thirty-four different cultures. Our school logo, ‘a sea of cultures’, captures our inclusive and culturally respectful approaches to our teaching and learning practices and community interactions.

Baler Primary School caters for students from kindergarten to year 6 and enjoys a high profile within the community, with dedicated, supportive and enthusiastic staff. These committed teachers provide education across a range of programs catering to individual differences through an inclusive and differentiated approach in order to cater for a variety of backgrounds and learning needs, including students with special needs and students at educational risk (SAER). The positive culture and welcoming nature is palpable in the school, making it a school of choice within the Hedland area. This was evidenced when the school was awarded the “Best Educational Establishment” in the local Red RM, Spirit Radio “Best of Hedland” Awards – in both 2017 and 2018; voted for by the community.

Baler Primary School welcomes and encourages parents as partners in their child’s education. This is important not only because parents are their child’s first teacher but also because this sends a clear message to student’s that education is valued. We consider it important to maintain and build on family connections to support students with an education that includes not only academic achievement but emotional and social skills as well.

Each student is treated as an individual and all are encouraged to reach their potential in a caring and supportive environment.  We have a commitment to provide opportunities for students to master literacy and numeracy skills but also have a focus on developing the whole child (socially, academically, emotionally, creatively and physically) so that all our students leave school well prepared for their future.

We have an agreed set of values, a school vision and a school-wide teaching methodology. The combination of these three components provide the school community with both the direction and structure necessary to provide our students with the knowledge, understanding and skills to become lifelong learners and thrive in an ever changing world.