Assembly Roster

Formal assemblies are held regularly and are advertised in our newsletter or view our online calendar. Each class has an opportunity to facilitate an assembly, with assistance from our senior students. The class is responsible for an item of entertainment.

We encourage and welcome parents who wish to attend our assemblies. Assemblies begin at 8.30am.



Week 3         22th February Kestrel 1
Week 5         8th March Kestrel 5
Week 8        29th March Kestrel 3
Week 10       12th April Kestrel 2


Week 1         2nd May Anzac Assembly
Week 2         10th May Osprey 1
Week 4         24th May Jabiru 5
Week 6         7th June Jabiru 4
Week 8         21st June Jabiru 3
Week 10       5th July Jabiru 1


Week 3         9th August Osprey 4/Osprey 5
Week 5         23rd  August Osprey 2/Osprey 3
Week 8         13th September Sandpiper 5/Sandpiper 7 (TBC)
Week 10       27th September Sandpiper 4/Sandpiper 6


Week 2       25th October Jabiru 2/Jabiru 6 (TBC)
Week 4       8th November Egret 1
Week 6       22nd November Kestrel 4
Week 8       6th December Kestrel 6
Week 10     11th December Kindy Assembly